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Thursday, December 01, 2011


Vincent Vega

There are tons of different uses for the new iPad2, there are a things that I could use it for at work, as well as at the house. I agree with you completely, perception is reality and if I have an iPad2 out during a meeting and using that to take notes instead of my iPhone, it just looks more professional. My favorite use of the iPad2 is streaming TV when I’m either at the airport, or just out of the house really. I can stream anything that’s available to me if I was on my couch at home, works on live TV as well as all of the content on my DVR. All you need for this is the Sling Adapter, which working for DISH Network I know that they’re offering this to customers for free, and the free app DISH Remote Access. No monthly charges and works anywhere in the world, check it out!

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