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Monday, December 12, 2011



EverNote is my favorite application to date. Aside from what you've already said, I also use EverNote to keep track of my login information for hosting accounts, wordpress logins, things like that. I couple this with DropBox, another favorite app of mine.

Another cool thing about EverNote?

I use it as my workout log also and when I'm at the gym I can instantly see what my previous one rep max was or time for a particular exercise. I do CrossFit usually 4 days a week and it's nice to be able to look up really quickly what my previous personal best time or weight was.

I do also use it with daily task lists, keep my big life to do list on their and use it to write outlines or ideas that I can sync with others. I can sit in class with my iPad 2 and take class notes and I don't have to carry around extra paper.

My favorite part about DropBox:

I was in the military for several years and upon getting out, had this giant stack of medical records. I'm talking two knee surgeries, multiple rib contusions, echo-cardiograms, etc. The records were well over a thousand pages, not conducive to the minimalist, travel-friendly life I desire. The local VA Hospital AND military records headquarters in Tennessee both have copies of my records and all of it is mostly injuries. So I began a long process of scanning in everything, organizing it into sections and uploading it onto DropBox. I have access to any of my medical records as long as I have an internet connection and don't have to lug around all this paperwork. I shredded everything and am content knowing that DropBox's multiple redundancies are probably much safer than my records sitting in a drawer in my apartment.

What other apps do you find that you use consistently? Other than OINK of course (and when is that coming out for the Android platform?)

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