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Sunday, April 03, 2005



My current favorite is God Of War. The game is freakin' Awesome!

Highly recommended..



Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

Stephen Harris

My favorite PS2 game has been the same since I got it about a year or so ago and that is SOCOM II. (or SOcrack as it is affectionately referred to) Ive played it every single night since I got it (except the nights were my actual life interferes, which are few) So thats it, if your reading this Kevin, thanks for making us "computer geeks" seem the show!!


Three favorites: Star Wars Battlefront; Mercinaries; and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas


Definitely Monster Rancher 2.


Ratchet and Clank; up your Arsenal baybeee! I'm a Rocket Whore!


Coming from a serious Gran Turismo 3 fan, I was annoyed by how long it took for its sequel to come out. In fact, I was relieved when Need for Speed Underground 2 came out so I could experience some short-term satisfaction. When GT4 finally arrived, I really got into it for about a two months. However, recently I have found myself putting down the glorious GT4 and returning to the cartoonish-NFSU2. Now, how blasphemous is that? A little disclosure: I must admit that my love of NFSU2 is derived largely from the starring role of my real life car--my glorious RSX-S--as arguably, the fastest car in the game.


I'll argue that -- fastest car in NFSu2 is the Pontiac GTO (Holden Monaro, Aussie car :D) but doesn't corner too well... I'll have to agree, GT4 is a great game but I ruined it by using that damn B-Spec man to do a lot of the good races like nurburgring 24 hr which is why I started again


EA Sports FIGHT NIGHT ROUND 2 is, by far!, the game played most on my ps2 and best friends xbox. After my love affair with the first Fight Night I had the sequel prepaid for picked up and playing on the launch date. So just when I thought I had the game down pat I have found there is still more to learn. Anyhow, this is by far the best boxing game EVER! and I should Know because I have collected and played almost every single one since atari 2600's "Boxing". If I was to have A runner up (as far as boxing games go) it would have to be "Evander Holyfield's REAL DEAL"(or the"Greatest Heavyweights" sequel) on sega genisis. McRuss

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