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Saturday, April 02, 2005


The Dreamer

I've been with Vonage since August 2003. And, it has been pretty good. I'm currently paying $16.94 a month for 500 minutes to anywhere in the US and Canada. Which serves my needs perfectly...since most of the time its just me calling my mom in Canada each week.

The rest of my communication is by Email. Though the occasional call to London UK, at 3 cents a minute. Where was VoIP when my parents were working in the Middle East....costing me $2.50 a minute.

I worried about 911 and service outages (though more in the power or broadband type). So, I kept my landline from SBC (plus number portability wasn't available at the time). But, I've been landline free for a month now, and no issues yet. Plus not worrying about long distance has freed my hesitation to use the phone for certain calling ReplayTV support ;)

The last time I've used 911 was 1992, and they waited until I regained consciousness to tell them where I was...and it was a landline call from my apartment (of two years).

There have been a few winter storms this year and last...but the outages didn't impact me in any way. The Email withdrawal is another story....

Plus since I got a WRT54GS with Alchemy, Vonage has worked even better for more having to unplug my ReplayTV (doing IVS) during the call....



You can use vonage to do the net connect with your replaytv? If so, I'm switching! My wife didn't want to switch to voip cuz she thought we wouldn't be able to connect to replaytv to update our channel info.


I have been using a Vonage competitor, Packet8, it has been great. It works the same as Vonage, I am using it on a cable modem connection for about a year. I would say that it has been down a total of 6 hours over that period. Occasionally there is an echo in our headset, but it usually corrects itself. Packet8 also provides 911 service, and you can have your phone number set to any area code, and get additional lines for other area codes. There are no long distance charges, and the service costs only $20 for unlimited usage long distance and local calling. Needless to say if you have a broadband connection and Packet8 is available in your area, I say get it and try it.

The Dreamer


I have the prerequiste Broadband for my Vonage service...therefore my ReplayTVs have no problem getting guide data, doing IVS, etc.


Vonage,Packet8,whatever may offer a 911, but it currently isn't the real 911...hence the controversy.

I have 911 activated on both my VoIP services...but I've had no reason to call either to find out who answers or whether they'll actually show up at my door or not.

My other VoIP service is Lingo.

Between the two, Lingo has Distinctive I can use my multifunction printer to receive faxes without a dedicated line....however Vonage allows CODEC control (30,50,90kbps), while Lingo is fixed at 30kbps....which makes faxing somewhat less reliable on Lingo versus Vonage (at 90kbps). But, I ported my fax number to Lingo. Vonage doesn't allow you to port to its Fax port option, so I subscribed to a whole separate service. Though the UK is part of Lingo's 'local' calling area.

Ocean McIntyre

(I know this is from early April, but..) I like Vonage VoIP. I have had great service, and no issues, other than a slight echo on the very first day using it. I've used several VoIP services, and I like Vonage best for my home/home office service. Although, if you're gonna use it in a household with only one DSL connection, and more than 5 or 6 people will be using the connection at the same time (or you plan on using lots of bandwidth from several computers) you might want to think about it. On the other hand, if you have a T1/T2 line, you'll have zero issues. Some other nice things about Vonage VoIP: tracks all incoming (and outgoing calls) with stats, can check your message from anywhere with internet access as well as changing your outgoing message and options, and you can get email notification of your phone messages. They also offer a softphone service, which can be handy.

Oh yeah, and if you are hosting your own site(s) on a server connected to the same DSL connection as the VoIP, whatever you do, don't bounce your server while you are on a call, 'cause you'll drop the call.

Hope this info helps.


I have been using Vonage for a month or two now so I have only limited experience to comment. So far my experience has been great my only expectation is that it works like my old traditional phone line and it does but I have the satisfaction of knowing I can talk as long as I want(unlimited plan).


I've been on vonage for about 3 years and I love it! It just kills!

I have 2 phone lines.
I took each line, spliced them into one phone cable, so 1 set of lines is line 1 and the other set of lines is line 2.
I disconnected the phone service outside so there would be no electrical current coming in over the phone line.
Then I hooked up the phone into an OpenHouse ChannelPlus HS16 telephone distribution unit and I have phones all over the house!

I don't know what equipment they are using now, but mine came with a Cisco ATA.

It works with my DirecTv tivo, so I will probably never change it. I've heard that some Vonage boxes wont allow DirecTv tivo calls over them.


I have Vonage and it's great. I especially like the fact that i have it set to e-mail me my Voicemail to my Gmail account. The unlimited calling is great and so is being able to see every call you have made fairly recently. It's wonderful. Just watch out that you don't put too many phones on the line or have a rather long phone cable between the ATA and the phone because then it can start sounding odd


reported problems w/ opensource PBX system (Asterisk)


I have used Vonage now for over 8 months.
Vancouver BC, Canada
Its great 90% of the time.
I have a Cable internet connection and use the phone while browsing the internet and streaming music, no prob.

Only issue, the delayed compression does not mesh to well with cell phones own compression. So when you are talking to a Cell via your Voip Phone you get a noticeable delay.

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