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Saturday, April 02, 2005


The Dreamer

I backup most of my home desktop each week...In the rotation, I do an ASR every 3 weeks. On other 3 Week cycles its either my Music files (iTunes) or my Media files (DVArchive->DVDs). But, it is XP Pro. 3 or 4 tapes each week, for 22 tapes in rotation.

My machine at work, also gets backed up each week....I was doing ASR every 4 + data each week (5 tapes), but then the harddrive died (it was only 4 months old) and the most recent ASR was corrupt. But, I upped to 8 tapes and do ASRs a bit more often.

My laptop uses XP Home, so I can't do ASR...but I can still do backups...though only when I remember and it is convienent to do so.

OTOH there are machines at work and at home, that never get backed up....

The Dreamer

Oh yeah, forgot that the WDC 250GB SATA drive in my desktop at home had died at one point....sure was a pain restoring that from backups.... Replaced it with a Maxtor 250GB SATA drive now.

Not sure what I'm going to do with the refurb WDC sent me in exchange.

Thinking about getting some onetouch units to supplement my backup strategy.

Right now I have a pair of DLT7000s at home, so I get about 33-40 GB per tape. It's only a DLT4000 at work....

PC technical support

making a back up regularly will make you feel safe and worry free but this will basically increase the space of your drive. New OS have already backup utility such as Vista and Win7.

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